Reach The Sky

I try to reach the sky
Along with the choices passing me by
By not deciding only one
Does it mean we’ll be achieving but none?

Is it commitment when we commit to many?
Or is it wrong and simply greedy?

Confusion within contemplation
Too tired even just to reason
You stand there right in between
Accomplishing what seems to be unseen

I try to reach the sky
The choices keep passing me by
Hold on tight to all these branches
Taking the plenty, the golden chances

What’s in a Name?

When I was first told that the word “kuchi” means “mouth” in Japanese, I thought to myself, “What a nice coincidence!”

Wanting to use a simple, catchy, yet meaningless name for my blog, it turned out that it has some sense of “philosophy” after all (err.. explaining what a “big mouthed” blog this is?)..

But when I decided to actually search for the definition of the word “kuchi”, how shocked was I to find this:

kuchi definition

And the most shocking part is, even the second definition still goes with the blog content -_-

So when you ask: “What’s in a name?”
The answer is… “PLENTY, Shakespeare dear.”

-> Clearly he’s not a biologist since in Biology we believe in “nama membawa makna” (“there’s always a meaning behind a name”).

Well I should have known…

PS: There is actually another definition, but it was too inappropriate even for this blog. Go see for yourself.

perfect time waster

Out of all the important things I should be doing tonight, I end up making a new header for this blog. Been hating the former one for so long but never had the chance to change it.
Well.. i think this one looks kinda cute 🙂

*pictures courtesy of polyvore*
Am I a thief? O_o
I hope not, because I was planning to update it again in case I get sick of it.. hehe

Hello, (new) World!

I have finally made my decision. Instead of stranding this blog as I first planned, I am now converting the language writing to English.

No, my English is not good. But yes, I’m still growing and learning.

To my former blog readers, many thank yous from me.