Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a (Female) Scientist*

This is probably the umpteenth repost of this on the internet, but I just can’t get over how funny (and true) it is! 😆

So here it is, the top 10 reasons you should date a scientist!

10 – The world revolves around Scientists, we know how everything works!

9 – We are over-exposed to latex and have become very tolerable

8 – We are “Oh so smart” you’ll never be mentally bored with us… So you wanna know why your poo is brown?

7 – All this thinking we do is terribly draining, so we like to be physically challenged & EXPERIMENT too!

6 – There’s no need to see a doctor when you’re with us, we’ve seen & tested just about every bacterial disease there is!

5 – We’re physiologically knowledgeable, if you’re unhappy about a physical feature, we can Genetically Modify YOU

4 – We can hook you up with all the essential party goods… dry ice, Eppie bombs and a shit load of combustible materials. What more could you want?

3 – We look extremely cute in our white lab coats, especially when we wear nothing underneath

2 – You will sound just as smart as us if you say you’re dating a Scientist!

1 – Because if you leave us, we’ll willingly use you as a lab rat & inject a virus in you

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Not-So-Ethical Science

“Clinical trials in developing countries often don’t include ethicists.”

Us Indonesians are so smart and creative that we’re capable of manipulating such complicated rules and regulations that corruption still run smooth up until now. If we can use others, why not use them? After we’re done with our needs and interests, just get rid of them.

“Diperlukan manis yang berguna bagi orang lain hanya untuk diserap habis dan dibuang sepahnya.” (Immitating Dewi Lestari on Filosofi Kopi)

So you pursue studies to developed countries, learn morals and ethics of being a decent and useful scientist. Then you go home to your beloved country only to have all your standards and idealisms smashed into pieces of “What? Dear, nobody cares about that here.”

Moral of the whining: move far away and never come back, be ignorant because our poor president has gotten too much burden on his shoulder already to even think about how to fund proper scientific researches. Just give up on Indonesia now.

PS: I’m (micro)blogging during lectures now because it keeps me awake & entertained. Viva blackberry! 😀