hey driver

A familiar scent from the past
As my possession of time is taken over by another
A smell that hurts my senses
Make it quit, and do it quick

When losing 60 minutes feels like losing 60 thousand pounds
And losing money, is never something funny

You stop every 5 minutes, for another darn hour
I should have chosen the one before you, considering your lazy behaviour
And now I demand you bring me back my time
Stop hitting the brake and start driving like a man!

The True Male Beauty



“Oooh peacock feather earrings! Look how gorgeous they are!”

Seller: “Yeah, well, they are genuine feather…”


Response 1: “What? That’s so cool! And it’s not even expensive!”

Response 2: “WHAT?! You sick murderer! And you value their lives with such low price!”


Why it’s that self conflict created for the sake of the thrill.

The image of a male peacock holocaust where they get plucked to death was just too horrifying that I passed on buying them. But then I can’t stop thinking about those earrings that I had to do some very important research.

Apparently, “every year, toward the end of summer, peacocks finish shaking their tail feathers, and their stunning plumage gradually falls off”(source).  
These feathers are shed annually during the molt and gathered as a valuable “crop” in many countries through its range”(source).

Hm… the concept of using male’s “dignity tool” to attract females as accessories really is intriguing. I just hope that that really is how they obtain so many pairs of them in exact same sizes…















These fellas really do understand chicks don’t they? Shiny things confuse us! 😆 
Go get’em boys!

Indonesia Unite: Let’s Prove That It’s Not Just Nonsense

Stop talking about love. Every asshole in the world says he loves somebody. It means nothing. What you feel only matters to you. It’s what you do to the people you say you love, that’s what matters. It’s the only thing that counts.
The Last Kiss



People of Indonesia – Indonesian youngsters in particular, many are being skeptical watching this Indonesia Unite movement. They say that this is just temporary, and that it does not mean anything that we change our avatars into red and white, become a fan of a facebook page, et cetera et cetera…

Personally, I love seeing our country coming together into one like this. Cynics may say “Blah, what’s the point?”

But I say, if you love something, and you support (or fight against) something, then it’s good to let people know. But this is only a very tiny step, a baby step, that frankly, could mean nothing after all.

Imagine having someone who claims that they love you so much. You believe in their words, you trust them, and you enjoy hearing them say, whisper, or even shamelessly yell out loud:


Then one day you got hit by a car, or an insane-coward murderer tried to shoot you in the head. You got injured, you’re running out of blood and dying. But all that so-called “significant other” do is keep on yelling at everyone, claiming how much they love you.


The T-shirt has a picture of your face on it. But does it stop you from bleeding to death?

Indonesia is now crying, we are being humiliated by a group of irresponsible people (are they locals? our neighbour? is this an international scandal just to throw us back to square one? are they simply a bunch of Satan escaped from the lowest Hell trying to give us more trial to learn?). Wallahualam, God knows best.

After our peaceful, open, and democratic President election (mind you, non-voters, I’m ignoring your existence) last July 8th, a certain party feels like they need to make a scene, a coward scene where they don’t even have the balls to unveil their group’s identity. Travel warnings are being sent here and there (and we sadly can’t give any rational argumentation to convince them that they’re wrong and it is safe here). Sports and musical events and performances are being cancelled (and we can only hold grudges having our money being refunded). –Is any of you laughing out there? If so, maybe you should have your hearts and brains checked, are they functioning or just lumps of useless organs?

God I am so angry that I just want to scream and cry. And so are the rest of Indonesia.


You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.
-Mahatma Gandhi

Reality check. Kalau mau heboh membela negara sambil memproklamirkan rasa cinta kita, mungkin ada baiknya kita bersama-sama introspeksi diri dari hal-hal paling sepele.

Masih buang sampah sembarangan? Lempar-lempar sampah kaya orang udik ke jalanan/selokan?

Masih suka diskriminasi saudara satu negara? Menghina suku, agama, ras orang lain?

Masih gak mau dateng pas Pemilu? Beranggapan gak ada gunanya karena toh hidup di negara kita susah-susah juga (terus kalo gak make hak suara, menurut lo hak suara lo gak bakal disalahgunakan dan makin memperparah kondisi, gitu?)

Masih lebih seneng belanja ke luar negeri yang mengharuskan bayar fiskal yang bikin negara orang makin kaya?

Masih malu traveling ke daerah-daerah di Indonesia dan bangga berlebihan kalo bisa ke luar negeri?

Masih meremehkan hasil karya anak bangsa? Malu baca buku made in Indonesia?

Masih egois (walau manusia memang pada dasarnya egois) dan suka memerkosa, menyiksa, dan menindas hak orang lain? Nyamber-nyamber antrian atau melanggar peraturan?

Masih hobi nyakitin manusia, hewan, tumbuhan, atau ngerusak lingkungan?

Masih suka terlambat dan nunjukin etos kerja yang buruk dan males-malesan?*

*menohok diri sendiri

Kalau sudah punya kemampuan untuk benar-benar membuat negara kita lebih baik (buka lapangan usaha, bikin sekolah untuk anak-anak jalanan, dan lain sebagainya), ya lakukan saja tanpa harus gembar-gembor di dunia maya. Yang parah kan orang-orang yang cuma bisa sinis, skeptis, menganggap usaha orang itu sia-sia, padahal mereka sendiri tidak memberikan kontribusi apa-apa!

It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute… that give meaning to our lives.
-Tony Robbins

Bilingualism, Cognitive Development, and The Alays in Indonesia

Recently we finally had a very useful and applicable seminar. It talked about being bilingual and how it affects a child’s brain development. Apparently, limited bilingualism in a child (not fluent in any language – as in reading, writing, speaking: semantic meaning, grammar, vocabularies, pronunciation) shows negative effects on its cognitive development; partial bilingualism (native in only one language) shows neither positive nor negative effects; while proficient bilingualism (high level in both languages) shows positive cognitive effects.

Here’s a diagram I tried to create based on my note:


Let’s leave the scientific studies to the experts (do read it, it’s interesting). But as for me, I’d like to have my real life samples as proof of how higher level of bilingualism does show higher level of thinking. And that includes better judgements, reasoning, deeper analytical skills, broader knowledge, and even more wisdom.


People with edge and a sense of wit usually belong to the upper level of bilingualism/cognition. I have known people who are fluent in more than one language and they do appear to have a more interesting outlook on life. One of my students is Spanish native, but she is forced to strengthen both her English and Bahasa in order to follow the lessons. I’ve had a lot of fun talking and discussing about so many things with her.

She once asked me: “Miss, do you believe in God? And that the world will end someday?”

or “Do you believe in Big Bang? How do you know that it really happened? Science is stupid!” But then I find her reading all the books about the creation of the Universe provided in class.

And after I explained to them about the possibility of a huge asteroid hitting the Earth on April 2029, she came to me looking somewhat annoyed,

“I was fine before, but now because of you, I am going to die!”

Now isn’t she hilarious 😆

Companies really should realize this and appreciate their bilingual local employees instead of worshipping those with blue eyes and blond hair just because they “sell”. Those British, Americans, Australians, Canadians; they don’t master bilingualism, therefore there is no reason to underestimate, undervalue, and underpay those who actually speak two languages, those with better brain development. Okay, I’ll shut up before they read this and sue me. But I hope you get the point, big boss.

“Bilinguals look at problems at different ways.”

“Competent bilinguals feel good about themselves and have pride in their culture.”

The downside is, people with this level of competency have the potential to be arrogant, if not balanced with a sense of modesty and humbleness. Trust me, I’ve met people who are proficient in three (or maybe four) languages who are completely heartless and shameless. And I have to say, that is not impressive *shakes head disappointedly*


Then there is the “second class” in this version of human classification. Some students who I thought are pretty smart with good understandings, show that they still struggle on one of the languages. Some of the Indonesian students speak English all the time, but they don’t read, write, or speak Bahasa appropriately. Some others read, write, and speak Bahasa in good manners, only they neglect the importance to train their English.

These students still have hope to improve their potentials, if they are encouraged to keep on trying. The thing to worry about is the adults who already feel satisfied with their skill of language, who assume that their brains are so superior that they need not learn anything anymore. Being shallowjudgy, petty, and tend to prioritize the insignificant are some of the characteristics of these people. For your own research, the next time you meet people who show those symptoms, try to find out whether they are bilingual or not.

The last, the lowest class (I am not discriminating, note that I am referring to the chart :D). Some people (and sadly, some of my students as well) show very poor linguistic skills. Let alone second language, they don’t even master their mother tongue proficiently. As in they don’t respect the need to use language appropriately, be it written, read, or spoken. Those in this level tend to write and speak thoughtlessly. And to me, that starts with the spelling.

yes, I understand your confusionclick here and have fun making your own twisted sentence!

I believe more studies are required to really conclude that people who write absurdly like the one on the second box do have negative cognitive development. But the idea of brutally ruining our language like this, really is such a big concern about the future of this country. Oh my!

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Happy Kartini Day! (and some sexism to spoil it)

Today I just heard one of the most disgusting sexist jokes ever made. We were speaking our hearts out when this supposedly respected senior colleague stepped in and said,

“Oh well, it’s normal that women speak more, YOU DO HAVE TWO PAIRS OF LIPS. Err, I mean THREE.”
I was like… WHAT!?
To make matters worse, he soon added: “While us men, of course we think more, WE HAVE TWO HEADS! Hahaha…”

Us female science teachers all froze awkwardly, too shocked even just to respond with a polite smile.
I wonder which head was he using before making that comment…



We are commemorating Kartini Day in Indonesia today. Raden Ajeng Kartini (April 21 1879–September 17 1904) was one of the heroines who fought for female rights to get equal education as men back in the colonial period. She wrote letters to her Dutch friends, describing her desire to elevate women’s dignity which is later compiled into the book “Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang” (After Darkness Comes the Light). Although there are controversies whether the letters were really written by her (instead of some politics affairs done by the governments that time), her power and spirit has truly inspired women all over Indonesia to not just give up and be submissive as a female.

Nothing hectic takes place anymore during Kartini Day commemoration. At least there is no “kebaya fiesta” going on at school, which used to be our way to celebrate Kartini Day (by wearing her traditional clothes — i know, funny right?). But I believe deep down, women still hold this gratitude for her struggle back then, especially now that feminism or being a feminist is nothing rare or extraordinary anymore. Women now earn their own money, build their own business; they raise children and still keep their career; they’re a full time parent, wife, and worker.

There are even strong evidences from my recent observation on why polygyny is more “effective” and commonly found than polyandry. After entering a marriage, women are supposed to take care of their males, while men are supposed to be more taken care of. They’re “destined” to serve them at home, in the kitchen, the bedroom, and they are still expected to dress and look well. Women not only must take care of herself, but also the man who married her and the children he had planted in her.

It is acceptable for a man to say: “Sorry, I had trouble getting ready on time this morning since my wife is not around to serve me until she’s back from out of town.”

But there is no way a woman would say such thing. “I look like a mess today, my husband is out of town. I just don’t know how to take care of myself!”

> Classes with two female teachers are neat, tidy, strictly organized, and both females work together to become one team with one clear and agreed mission.
> Classes with one female teacher and one male teacher struggle just like most relationships/marriages do:
“I can’t believe how stupid and irresponsible he is!” cries the female exasperatedly.
“I can’t believe what a crazy drama queen she is!” cries the male cluelessly – if he even noticed that is (we’ll discuss about this later okay)
> Classes with two male teachers? It looks like World War III. One is instigating the students to hate the other, while the other is busy making rules without wanting to tolerate or listen to anything or anybody. Two men together in one house will just create a battlefield. Not to mention a messy and stinky one.

polyandry. and why it fails(thank you Ne for posting this on your blog!)


But then later today, my car broke down at the parking lot. It couldn’t start for reasons unknown. I have no idea whatsoever about cars, engines, oils, et cetera. And guess whose help did I ask for? Exactly. A male species. Someone whose brain is compatible with all these strange, complicated, unknown, uninteresting things (and hey, thanks a bunch for your help okay! ;)). Apparently they are distinctively useful after all. Who are we to look down on each other?

And since coins always have more than just one side, maybe the joke my colleague popped earlier is funny after all.
Maybe feminists just need to enjoy and relax a little, try to accept, embrace the differences, and take benefit of  males’ head. Or should I say… heads?

Only Women

Kadang saya bertanya2… sebenarnya saya atau dunia ini sih yang sudah gila?!


Masa iya perempuan harus nyempil dengan nelangsa di 1/16 sudut masjid untuk menunaikan ibadah sholat dan menghadap Yang Maha Kuasa?

So very konyol, ridiculous, dan tega..

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

Every 17th of August we celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day. One of the most interesting parts of our Independence Day celebration is how enthusiastic everybody is in decorating and turning everything into red and white. And to me, this is one of those rare moments where I can conduct the decoration myself, I mean for the class hehe.. not too impressive, but we were all happy anyway =D

One thing that got me all anxious is the fact that most salons are closed due to the national holiday. It really was truly irritating. Why would they reject money from people who are bored out of their minds and desperately need their hair done? After struggling with a massive nausea and indescribable dizziness I manage to find one salon that is open. God bless them and their nationalism spirit and their thoughtful consideration..

After fulfilling our basic needs and finally able to regain clear perspectives, we sat in one of the food shops nearby. Cupcakes are so in these days, so we tried one of the new products they offer here. Weird thing is, when we arrived, the shop keeper said, “we only have the Indonesian flag left as the decoration.. is that okay with you?”

Assuming that the decoration is part of the cupcake package, we agreed right away, thinking that we’ve done something patriotic by ordering our very own national flag on our cupcake..

It was super cute, despite the fact that it was horrifyingly sweet. Even a sweet tooth like me couldn’t handle it.. so we left the two flags bitten only on the edges.. not knowing that the decoration itself costs almost as much as the cupcakes! haha.. [cupcakes = Rp. 12.500 (1.36 USD) while the super duper sweet decoration = Rp. 11.000 (1.20 USD)].

After the sugar high experience, we went to meet up with my boyfriend, who was at one of the most happening town squares in Jakarta (a bit of a mall rat he is.. hehe peace sayang).. I don’t know if anybody noticed this, but yesterday the moon was so humongous you can actually see how round and orange it is, and even its texture. I was being a pain in the a$$ and forced my sis to take a snapshot of it, and here’s one of the best results.. haha.. i suppose we need a telescope to actually portray the real image =P

So that’s what happened yesterday on our 63rd Independence Day… I don’t know whether or not I have contributed anything to this country, but as I always say, pointless things can actually be important in its own meaningful way 😀



Colin Farrell, Jakarta youngsters, and Arab men

What do Colin Farrell, Jakarta youngsters, and Arab men have in common?

No clue?

Well, the answer is their fashion sense. If you take a look around at “cool” places where Jakarta youngsters usually hang out these days, you’ll often find the Arabic cloth called “kafiyah” winded around their neck.

This is a picture of a friend gone clubbing wearing it (i brutally edited it for the sake of privacy :P), also a picture of how it’s normally worn by the Arab people (click for source):



At first what came up to my mind is, “Ah yeah, another temporary fashion trend.. how typical us Jakartans are. One wears it, EVERYBODY does too.” But then I saw E!News, and was surprised to see COLIN FARRELL wearing it too! (and actually lookin damn hot! haha).

It turns out Hollywood trends had infected not only female, but also male species all over the world. Oh well, if this has something to do with realizing World Peace, then I’m so supporting it! 😀