Big Hair Day

Today was such a good hair day for me where I went walking around rocking a bedhead :p I never understood why some girls would want to iron their hair straight and flat while they have natural bouncy curls to flaunt. Big, wavy hair is currently the hot stuff for 2011 (although despite the world wide trend, I always think that big and bouncy hair are sexier!)

Now a little bit of secret on how to naturally volumize your hair for those who have straight hair, is simply by applying the gel of Aloe vera plant! Not only will it stimulate better and shinier hair growth, it will soothe the scalp and also give that natural bounce everyone will envy 😉 Apply and massage on dry hair and scalp and wait for about 30 minutes before rinsing throughly with shampoo. Use it 1-2 times a week to maintain the “volumizing” effect on your hair. Have fun whipping your big sexy bedhead!

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a (Female) Scientist*

This is probably the umpteenth repost of this on the internet, but I just can’t get over how funny (and true) it is! 😆

So here it is, the top 10 reasons you should date a scientist!

10 – The world revolves around Scientists, we know how everything works!

9 – We are over-exposed to latex and have become very tolerable

8 – We are “Oh so smart” you’ll never be mentally bored with us… So you wanna know why your poo is brown?

7 – All this thinking we do is terribly draining, so we like to be physically challenged & EXPERIMENT too!

6 – There’s no need to see a doctor when you’re with us, we’ve seen & tested just about every bacterial disease there is!

5 – We’re physiologically knowledgeable, if you’re unhappy about a physical feature, we can Genetically Modify YOU

4 – We can hook you up with all the essential party goods… dry ice, Eppie bombs and a shit load of combustible materials. What more could you want?

3 – We look extremely cute in our white lab coats, especially when we wear nothing underneath

2 – You will sound just as smart as us if you say you’re dating a Scientist!

1 – Because if you leave us, we’ll willingly use you as a lab rat & inject a virus in you

*Originally from:!/group.php?gid=6223442329&v=info&ref=ts

Goodbye, Alexander McQueen

“Inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, it was divided into two parts: the first was based on nature.. The second part took its reference from the industrial revolution and the harm that man has done to the world since. McQueen wanted to demonstrate how fragile the planet is, and his use of the stuffed animals was to underscore the fact that perhaps these may be the only animals left for our grandchildren to see.”


Only since 2006 have I learned about Alexander McQueen and his twistedly beautiful creations. I found out that he was the favorite designer of myfavorite ANTM model at that (naive) moment, and when I first saw his designs, I knew instantly that they were artworks made with heart. His works are where fashion and arts collide; surprising and dramatic, often stating historical, political, or environmental issues.

A dearfriend of mine once said, “We tend to idolize people with qualities we may still lack. The fact that they possess something we desire is the reason why we are drawn to them”.

Which I find so true in this case. I always go gaga everytime seeing his works, be it the ready to wear or haute couture collections. Although his designs may be too bizarre for some people, I say weird is good. If only I was a talented genius with such insane creativity like him…

“But everybody has their own demons, no matter how talented, famous, or successful they are. And those who can fight them are lucky.”-source

The world has lost one talented artist/designers, and he is the one that actually lit a fire inside my soul. To see him or at least attend his show was a promise I made to myself. But now that he’s gone, I am truly out of words 😥

Goodbye McQueen, thanks for being such an inspiration to us.

What’s in a Name?

When I was first told that the word “kuchi” means “mouth” in Japanese, I thought to myself, “What a nice coincidence!”

Wanting to use a simple, catchy, yet meaningless name for my blog, it turned out that it has some sense of “philosophy” after all (err.. explaining what a “big mouthed” blog this is?)..

But when I decided to actually search for the definition of the word “kuchi”, how shocked was I to find this:

kuchi definition

And the most shocking part is, even the second definition still goes with the blog content -_-

So when you ask: “What’s in a name?”
The answer is… “PLENTY, Shakespeare dear.”

-> Clearly he’s not a biologist since in Biology we believe in “nama membawa makna” (“there’s always a meaning behind a name”).

Well I should have known…

PS: There is actually another definition, but it was too inappropriate even for this blog. Go see for yourself.

Not-So-Ethical Science

“Clinical trials in developing countries often don’t include ethicists.”

Us Indonesians are so smart and creative that we’re capable of manipulating such complicated rules and regulations that corruption still run smooth up until now. If we can use others, why not use them? After we’re done with our needs and interests, just get rid of them.

“Diperlukan manis yang berguna bagi orang lain hanya untuk diserap habis dan dibuang sepahnya.” (Immitating Dewi Lestari on Filosofi Kopi)

So you pursue studies to developed countries, learn morals and ethics of being a decent and useful scientist. Then you go home to your beloved country only to have all your standards and idealisms smashed into pieces of “What? Dear, nobody cares about that here.”

Moral of the whining: move far away and never come back, be ignorant because our poor president has gotten too much burden on his shoulder already to even think about how to fund proper scientific researches. Just give up on Indonesia now.

PS: I’m (micro)blogging during lectures now because it keeps me awake & entertained. Viva blackberry! 😀

Friendly Reminder

Have you done anything useful for anyone today?


The picture was taken during my trip to Banjarmasin a few months ago. It was at Pulau Kembang, at the delta of Barito River which is also known for its floating market. See unique pictures of it here and here. The activity of the floating market only occurs for 1-2 hours right after sunrise (until around 7). It was the funniest breakfast experience I ever had, where we try to “catch” our foods and drinks from the “floating cafe”, altogether with people from other boats around us.

Anyway, one of the monkeys grabbed my Nikon lens cap (with string!) and until now my camera lens is still unprotected… Oh well.. Monkeys.

The True Male Beauty



“Oooh peacock feather earrings! Look how gorgeous they are!”

Seller: “Yeah, well, they are genuine feather…”


Response 1: “What? That’s so cool! And it’s not even expensive!”

Response 2: “WHAT?! You sick murderer! And you value their lives with such low price!”


Why it’s that self conflict created for the sake of the thrill.

The image of a male peacock holocaust where they get plucked to death was just too horrifying that I passed on buying them. But then I can’t stop thinking about those earrings that I had to do some very important research.

Apparently, “every year, toward the end of summer, peacocks finish shaking their tail feathers, and their stunning plumage gradually falls off”(source).  
These feathers are shed annually during the molt and gathered as a valuable “crop” in many countries through its range”(source).

Hm… the concept of using male’s “dignity tool” to attract females as accessories really is intriguing. I just hope that that really is how they obtain so many pairs of them in exact same sizes…














These fellas really do understand chicks don’t they? Shiny things confuse us! 😆 
Go get’em boys!

The choices in life…

With no intentions of underestimating the profession of doctors (particularly in Indonesia), I would like to share a bit of my experience which leads me to this gratitude that I failed the National Test (SPMB) for Unpad Med School back in 2003 (and I never even wanted to move to Bandung!) and UI School of Dentistry in 2004 (and I never even wanted to be a dentist!) — clearly I didn’t know what I really want back then.

Maybe God is finally showing the answers to my questions back then: WHY did I fail to escape this mad scientist world? After being such a good and nice and religious girl all this time… Why, God? Whyyyy?

Well, to answer questions with questions: why settle being a doctor when you’re capable of something “better”? :mrgreen:



I caught the most unimportant yet most irritating disease ever: INFLUENZA. And no I’m not being a drama queen, but when you can’t breathe for weeks and your head is all heavy while you must keep working 24/7, you don’t have many options but to visit your nearest doctor. Even if he’s young, just graduated, and sees you as one of his experimental rabbits.

Doctor: “If this condition persists, you may want to have your blood checked.”

Me : *shrieks* “Is it really that bad, Doc?”

Doctor: “We can’t tell yet, but if the level of your eosinophil increases, then we’ll know that there must be an infection.”

Me: (excited because the word “eosinophil” totally rang a bell from years of studying Physiology + Histology) “Oh, it’s my white blood cells, isn’t it?”

Doctor: … (thinks for a second) “Oh no, it’s not…”

Me: huh? *frowning, starting to doubt the competency of this dude* “What is it then?”

Doctor: “It’s some tissue, that can indicate whether you are infected by bacteria…blablabla….” *smiles convincingly*

Me (monologues inside my head): Oh my, WHERE ON EARTH DID HE GO TO SCHOOL?



Being a female, society has obliged me to at least care about looks and beauty. So when my zits went out of control, I just had to try this dermatologist my friend suggested. He looked old, anxious, very restless… and reckless.

Doctor: “Oh sweet Lord, look at that!”

Me: “err.. yes, look at me” (surprised by the over-enthusiasm he showed)

Doctor: “What have you been eating? Are you taking any vitamins??”

Me: “Well, there is this supplement I’m taking, but it should be reducing skin problems really…”

Doctor: “What is it? What is it? Let me see…”

Me: (hands over my Primrose Herbals)

Doctor: “OH NOOO! You shouldn’t be consuming this, it contains flavonoids and all…”

Me: “What’s wrong with that?” (recalling that flavonoid is one of the chemicals I studied for my thesis and as far as I read, it acts as antioxidant, anti-cancer, and even anti-acne)

Doctor: “It will worsen your acne!”

Me: “Really? Aren’t those chemicals supposed to be good for our body?”


Me (shocked): “Okay, okay! ….Geez!”

Some mental institution must be missing one of their patients. 


It kinda tickled me though. At times like that, it does seem obvious that KNOWLEDGE DOESN’T MAKE MONEY. That’s perhaps the reason why some people see academicians as “unsuccessful”. That earning high degrees and doing a bunch of researches or becoming a scientist means nothing — if not embarrassing — to most people. When the parameter is money, then sadly, it does make sense. After all, we live in this cruel world to survive. And to survive, owning enough (or plenty) money is fundamental.

I have met many who prioritize career and money, even if that means putting aside the other life aspects (in this case I learned from one of my students’ parent).

Her: “I don’t want my child to study too hard. My classmates back in highschool (she went to the best highschool in Jakarta)… I can finger-count those who succeeded!”

Us (me & partner): “Oh really?”

Her: “Yeah, the rest only became… you know… academicians…”

Me: *feeling somewhat attacked & offended

Her: “My cousin is the worst case… He is super smart, but he can’t work with people. Do you know what he does now? He sells these hiking equipments because hiking is his hobby! I mean, can you believe it?!”

Me: *Yikes.. strike two! (this time not for me though)

Her: “That is why, I realized that life skill is more important than knowledge… Of course academics is important for cognition, reasoning and all… But it’s not the only thing we need to succeed.”

It was great to finally meet a sane and smart parent. She knows exactly what she’s doing, she knows exactly what she’s saying. Because later on she adds:

Her: “I understand that my children need extra attention from me (she came that day because her daughter got into trouble at school). No matter how much her Dad helps, in the end as the mother I end up taking care of every little things. The only solution would be me stop working, wouldn’t it? *laughs*

Us: *laughs politely, can’t wait to hear more

Her: But you know, we have to make choices in life. And I can’t just leave my business I have worked on for years, can I?”

Well there is the answer, smart lady.

It is your choice to put career and money above your family. It is your classmates’ choice to get high educations and become academicians. It is your cousin’s choice to convert his hobby into a job. And referring to previous stories, it is also those doctors’ choice to earn as much money for a living, even if it takes some lying and fooling people around (and our choice to actually pay them to fool us!).

Who are we to say which is successful, which is not? We all have our own values, perspectives, and life missions, don’t we?

And when we speak about thinking “out of the box”, whose and which box are we referring to?

Who are we to say that something is entirely right or wrong?

Even a dead clock will be right twice a day.


(I know that I’m still green and barely know anything… But hey, even I can’t be completely wrong :D)