Blah Blah

What do you expect?

Comfort. Someone you feel safe with, someone who feels safe with you.

Trust. Someone whose words and actions you can trust, someone who trusts yours.

Future. Someone who shares the same life missions, someone with values, values aligned with yours.

Affection, care. Someone who loves you very much and cares enough to always let you know.

Admiration. Someone whom you admire, who also admires you and sees your best.

Someone who listens, someone who wants to see you happy, and keep you feeling that way, whatever it takes.

Someone who believes in your strengths and accepts your weaknesses. And vice versa.

Someone who somehow relies on you for something, because you “complete” them. Someone with a flaw that you can cover, as well as they can help you cover yours.

Someone who needs you and wants to make sure that you’re doing okay.

Someone who is loved by people around them, someone who has a best friend(s) who also love you.


The truth is everybody deserves this, and should not settle for less! *wink

Also, Happy Valentine’s Day (for those who care :p)

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