An Asymmetrical Trauma

Nowadays, it’s all these giant sunglasses… and tattoos. It’s handbags with little dogs in them. I mean, who okayed this?

(500) Days of Summer


Well Tom, to me, giant sunglasses, tattoos, and handbags with rich little dogs in them are still bearable to accept. But there is one fashion trend that I thought would never come back.. at least not this soon, not before the whole generation become fully mature enough to cope with the trauma it again.

After being a big hit in the early 2000’s, they’re back in less than 10 years.
The thing with one shoulders as a daily wear is, once you wear them, people will remember forever. It’s unlikely to mix and match them into various looks, therefore it is one of the least everlasting fashions. Even if style stays as fashion goes, once the trend is over, the history of your asymmetrical dress(es) begins. Therefore I guess it is best to keep this style for cocktail to formal occasions only.  

PS: For a daily wear that makes sense, check out Zooey’s style in the movie.. now that’s something everybody would agree to “okay”. *wink

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