What’s in a Name?

When I was first told that the word “kuchi” means “mouth” in Japanese, I thought to myself, “What a nice coincidence!”

Wanting to use a simple, catchy, yet meaningless name for my blog, it turned out that it has some sense of “philosophy” after all (err.. explaining what a “big mouthed” blog this is?)..

But when I decided to actually search for the definition of the word “kuchi”, how shocked was I to find this:

kuchi definition

And the most shocking part is, even the second definition still goes with the blog content -_-

So when you ask: “What’s in a name?”
The answer is… “PLENTY, Shakespeare dear.”

-> Clearly he’s not a biologist since in Biology we believe in “nama membawa makna” (“there’s always a meaning behind a name”).

Well I should have known…

PS: There is actually another definition, but it was too inappropriate even for this blog. Go see for yourself.

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