Hello, goodbye?

I’ve finally found some time to play with Photoshop again after so long (oh how I miss you… *SMOOCH*!!).. And I stumbled upon this really interesting website that tutors us how to edit normal pictures into vintage/lomo-esque style.

Fake, but it does work like a charm… don’t you think?










I always loved this one, but the mood is just not bold enough… I think the shades-contrast-tone helped make the photo much more dramatic.




Incheon International Airport, South Korea. I just wanted to see how it looked like in black and white.. And I love it!


















A cute couple hugging each other tightly at Nami Island (it was -15 degree Celsius after all!).
A bit off focus, and I totally went mad with the sharpness.. but why don’t I care? hehehe





Ahhh… I told you I LOVE June… In fact, I believe everybody does! (admit it now, people… =D)

I can’t believe it’s ending already in 24 hours time! Aaaaaa…. Bring me back my June!!!

PS: Please be decent and add this link if you want to copy the photos elsewhere. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Hello, goodbye?

  1. hi, thanks for the comment 🙂 no i’m not from South Korea, i’m Indonesian, living in Jakarta. those are pictures taken from my vacation last winter… it is very beautiful there isn’t it ^^

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