A Gift For A Friend

A true friend to me is…

Someone who tries to respect my feelings even when they don’t understand.

Someone who listens and keeps my stories only for themselves.

Someone who offers to have a cup of tea without me asking, just because they sense that I am not okay.

Someone who trusts and shares to me as much as I do in return.

Someone who quotes my words and make me feel important to their lives.

Someone who doesn’t need to push me to tell them my problems because I will come to them eventually when I want to.

Someone who empathizes with actions. And words only if necessary.

Someone who knows how to deal with those who have treated me wrong without me telling them what to do.

And most importantly…

Someone to whom I can give these words, not because they make a good present, but because I mean every word, from my deepest heart.


This is a birthday gift for a very special friend of mine, they say that it is impossible to find real friends in worklife, but we have proved them wrong…
Or maybe we are simply the exception =)

Happy birthday, Cel… What would I do without you?

Friendship can only be measured in memories, laughter, peace and love.

And to all my dearest, sincerest friends… I love you and I’m so lucky to have you! ^^

4 thoughts on “A Gift For A Friend

  1. thanks vin…jadi berlinangan air mata…I miss u, lo dah jadi separoh jiwa gw, dari sedih, seneng, menderita, ketawa, berantem… I love you, makasih dah jadi temen yg baik dan menyenangkan bwt gw…lo salah satu yg terbaik dari tahun 2008, makanya gw sedih bgd ketika kt harus pisah…good luck bwt s2 lo, dan inget ikuti kata hati lo, karena kata hati ga pernah boong..

  2. *speechless & ga bisa berkata2*
    i wish life was as easy as it was when we were younger… yet i’m so glad we met at one particular moment in life =) it really was a blessing (and not the one in disguise!)

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