Sugar High

Have you ever get toothaches due to overexcitement about something? No? Well, maybe I’m the weirdo, but seriously…


I was searching for some street fashion pictures when I stumbled upon this website and got stuck there! And now I can’t get out, it’s intoxicating. It contains everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, a girl needs. Search any designer’s name or something simple like “jeans” and every single information you need will pop in the forms of super hot pictures. They even have silly quizzes about Leonardo di Caprio (special for you Nda) and hilarious polls such as “who wore it better (or who has the better surgeon)” :lol:. Even facebook is so freaking dull compared to it. Thanks to Zuckerberg for the constant annoying changes, now I’ve discovered something way more fun and actually useful to fill my precious spare time online.

Off I go getting my dosage of sugar again.

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