those who helped paint the story of my life

A friend of mine posted something like this a while ago. So the idea wasn’t pure mine, I just thought it was funny and interesting. After all, chronology is what makes a person, a person..

So here is the list of those who have voluntarily contributed in painting the story of my life… thank you so much for your kindness =)

1. The boy who loved me then mocked me.

2. The boy who is missing until now.

3. The boy who can’t seem to stop pissing me.

4. The boy who didn’t even notice.

5. The boy who was the captain of the team.

6. The boy who was everything for so long.

7. The boy who was too smart to stay.

8. The boy with the dangerous name. And eyes.

9. The boy who smells like perfume store.

10. The boy who was a relative.

11. The boy who only dates barbie dolls.

12. The boy to whom I finally said yes.

13. The boy who betrayed his own words.

14. The boy who writes. And listens. And remembers.

15. The boy who quits college.

16. The boy who caused so much trouble.

17. The boy who cared. A lot.

18. The boy who was left. Multiplied.

19. The boy who makes me laugh and cry, like no other.

To all my friends who still read this blog, have fun figuring!

4 thoughts on “those who helped paint the story of my life

  1. number 7 & number 8 were friends rite? And i think theres more than 1 boy for number 17… am i correct? 😉

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