Be careful what you wish for

Last weekend I spent searching and twisting my brains on how I’ll ever find a cheongsam dress for a very important school occasion. The fact that the deadline is less than a week and on weekdays I’ll have no time to browse and shop really did annoy me. I asked everyone whether they have cheongsams or not, and to my surprise, NOBODY HAS ANY. Where is a cheongsam when needed the most?!
But however I manage to stay calm – as in a panic attack sufferer’s “calm” – and after searching at the stores nearby, complaining to anyone who is willing to listen, and finally smsing my relative who happened to be at Hongkong at the time, I let destiny take its role.

Well my friend, God really is good. It only took me one question to hear such sweet answer from my beloved students the next day, “You can borrow mine, Miss. Just try if it fits you.”

And surprise, surprise! It fitted perfectly gorgeous. The color is baby blue, which looks good on me. The pattern was elegant and I swear, it was as if the dress was made for me, with all my measurements.

So I went home and put it on to show my family that their lovely dramatic daughter has found a miraculous solution from up above.. and guess what my mother said right after she saw me?

“Dad just got you a cheongsam, he panically ran to Glodok or somewhere up North to get you one.”
Apparently, some things are genetically inherited 😆

And posing while wearing a gorgeous baby blue cheongsam dress never felt so wrong.

The cheongsam he bought me was purple – my lucky color. It was silky and beautiful. Very feisty. And what options do I have but to lose the sent-from-heaven-dress and put on the full-of-sacrifice-and-love-one? It fitted me perfectly as well. And it was just too much. I only asked for one, why did You give me two, God?

Being the nice and thoughtful person that I am, I decided to wear the top my dad bought me. Although it’s so tempting everytime I see the gorgeous blue satin dress lying unoccupied. This is the decision I have made. Period.

But wait..

What is that gorgeous black silk Chinese cloth doing on my bed?

“Your aunt bought you this. I think it’s quite expensive looking at the cloth…” said my wise mother two days after.

She really bought me a genuine Chinese silk. It was beautiful beyond words. I felt kinda bad for assuming that it was a fat chance for her to even try and get what I asked. But why? Why did she bought me one while I already have two other?

In only three days, I went from zero choices to three. As if one is not enough for me.

Unlike love, having too many cheongsams may never kill nor hurt you… but it really is confusing as hell! -_-

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