Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

Every 17th of August we celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day. One of the most interesting parts of our Independence Day celebration is how enthusiastic everybody is in decorating and turning everything into red and white. And to me, this is one of those rare moments where I can conduct the decoration myself, I mean for the class hehe.. not too impressive, but we were all happy anyway =D

One thing that got me all anxious is the fact that most salons are closed due to the national holiday. It really was truly irritating. Why would they reject money from people who are bored out of their minds and desperately need their hair done? After struggling with a massive nausea and indescribable dizziness I manage to find one salon that is open. God bless them and their nationalism spirit and their thoughtful consideration..

After fulfilling our basic needs and finally able to regain clear perspectives, we sat in one of the food shops nearby. Cupcakes are so in these days, so we tried one of the new products they offer here. Weird thing is, when we arrived, the shop keeper said, “we only have the Indonesian flag left as the decoration.. is that okay with you?”

Assuming that the decoration is part of the cupcake package, we agreed right away, thinking that we’ve done something patriotic by ordering our very own national flag on our cupcake..

It was super cute, despite the fact that it was horrifyingly sweet. Even a sweet tooth like me couldn’t handle it.. so we left the two flags bitten only on the edges.. not knowing that the decoration itself costs almost as much as the cupcakes! haha.. [cupcakes = Rp. 12.500 (1.36 USD) while the super duper sweet decoration = Rp. 11.000 (1.20 USD)].

After the sugar high experience, we went to meet up with my boyfriend, who was at one of the most happening town squares in Jakarta (a bit of a mall rat he is.. hehe peace sayang).. I don’t know if anybody noticed this, but yesterday the moon was so humongous you can actually see how round and orange it is, and even its texture. I was being a pain in the a$$ and forced my sis to take a snapshot of it, and here’s one of the best results.. haha.. i suppose we need a telescope to actually portray the real image =P

So that’s what happened yesterday on our 63rd Independence Day… I don’t know whether or not I have contributed anything to this country, but as I always say, pointless things can actually be important in its own meaningful way 😀



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