the end.

How could something end, when it never even started?

So I thought I was losing something. I thought I was broken and torn apart. I thought something dramatic has yet happened again to me.

But then I looked around. To everything that surrounds.

Have I really lost something? Was there really something that I had that is now gone?

Why does it seem just the same on the surface? Was it something inside my head? My heart? Was it something unreal, something I had only decided to believe in?

That something is now leaving me gently, like a mother letting go of her child only after knowing that they’re ready to. Without any pushing, punishing, hating, regretting, or even hurting.

That something knows that I was once too vulnerable to see. But now I think I am glad that it had ended. Even though it seems like nothing has ever started in the first place.

2 thoughts on “the end.

  1. what?!! gw kira lo udh hengkang dr sini… hihi…

    u know what… based on my stupid experience…
    I know exactly how u feel…
    and i’m sooo glad everything ended…
    but now that i’m soo over it, whenever i look back, i can actually laugh at myself without feeling bad about myself.. hahaha…

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