..and nobody lived happily ever after

I have been witnessing some of the most unbelievable things lately.

People hurting their loved ones, deciding not to be faithful to them anymore.

People not grateful with what they’ve got already, trying to create unnecessary dramas in their lives..

Which makes me wonder, do we really want happily ever afters?

Do we really expect life to go smoothly always, without any fights, tears, pains?
Are sweet lovings and happy endings really all we need?
Aren’t those pains and bleedings what make us human?
Reminding ourselves that we still have emotions, feelings and senses?

And the next time you hope and pray to have a perfect, happy, and peaceful life, ask yourself if that’s really what you want.
Cos in the end, you’ll most likely take them for granted and can’t stop asking for less.

“Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.”
-Carl Jung

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