Sunset at Dreamland, Bali

Before departing to Bali, I have already developed this obsession toward Dreamland Beach. The beach is located on the Bukit Peninsula. Ride toward Uluwatu and you’ll get to Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue, which is located near Universitas Udayana. You will need to take rented car to get to Dreamland (or have someone take you there) and can’t depend on public transportations since the location is seriously far far away. Ensure that the vehicle is in good condition as well cos the route is not going to be pretty and smooth.

My disability to recognize routes and directions has forced me to put these links in order to help you understand how to get to Dreamland.

..same bay like bingin and impossibles.Drive the Uluwatu street (Jalan Uluwatu), direction Uluwatu and 3 Km before Uluwatu Beach you’ll have a big entrance, with no guards, on your right, to what was suposed to be a big private condominium made by the sun of former Indonesian President Suharto (he was arrested).You enter there and drive in direction of the sea, in the middle of the road you’ll have to pay some guys to let you in (not much) and then just follow the road signs..

..Riding along Jl. Uluwatu on the Bukit, one passes a grand looking entrance complete with statute. A long 4 lane road takes you down towards the coast, passing construction that seems to be frozen in time..

The beach is where some Indonesian “reality shows” take place (i.e. Joe Millionaire) and is also the location of a certain Indonesian actress’s infamous pictures (i refuse to make any comments on this).

Our plan to stay there from daylight to sunset failed miserably. Arriving already at 6pm, we wouldn’t waste any of our time and immediately took off to feel the soothing white sand and the relaxing waves on our feet (none of us are surfers so just witnessing the amazing view was enough for us).

picture taken by Rio Pranoto

My disappointment for not being able to enjoy Dreamland for hours was paid when we finally get to take amazing shots and created some sand angels 😀

Picture taken by Rio Pranoto

Anyway, here’s some tips for those who plan to go there:

1. Depart from Kuta around 11-12 if you plan to enjoy the sunshine and take pictures of the amazing blue sky (the journey takes about an hour from Kuta)

2. Prepare your vehicle, check the condition and assure it’s in a good condition. The road to the beach is all rocky and crazy. The roads before getting to the rocky road are long and tend to fluctuate (which means containing lots of ups and downs). Don’t let your vehicle overload unless you plan to slip your car all the way backwards and get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

3. After parking your car, walk to the northern side of the beach, cos the pathway is less steep and easier to go through.

4. Leave your high heels at home, at the car, or just throw them away on your way to the beach. There is no possible way you’ll be needing them anyway.

5. Spare a large space of memory on your camera, you don’t wanna miss the tiniest thing that happened in Paradise!

6. Bring extra clothes for change. Duh. (After sunset, clothes changing can be done behind the huge rocks around the beaches, it just doesn’t get any better than that hey :D)

7. If you’re too late and can only catch the sunset, then go for it! The view around 6.30 pm is the best. The clouds are just unbelievably beautiful.

8. Don’t even bother continuing your journey if the sun is all out. There won’t be anything left at the beach but Balinese dogs barking at you to leave immediately.

9. Don’t forget to take pictures on the rocks. That’s one of the most attractive parts of Dreamland.

10. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Sunset at Dreamland, Bali

  1. hey girl!
    i think i just added another ‘dream destination’ to my must-explore list that’s increasing day by day!

    The tips seem very very useful… esp this one
    “Spare a large space of memory on your camera, you don’t wanna miss the tiniest thing that happened in Paradise!”

    Loved the snap ( three people on the sand” …

    Dream on .. !

  2. Ok…
    I’ll keep dis for my “someday” vacation to that bloody paradise!.
    Mba’ kok ga pernah posting artikel lagi…. kehabisan waktu buat exploring ya mba’??
    Jangan berhenti nulis dunk! saya suka banget ama tulisan mba’… Keren!!!!

  3. i love dream land ssoo much..
    the beasch is magnificent and the wave is wonderful…!!
    and the sunset view is make me real mesmerized..
    hope i can go back to dream land again..
    just cant wait…

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