Omissions Are Betrayal

Omissions are betrayal

That is one of my favorite movie quotes, taken from the movie “Little Black Book“.

When we keep informations from others, from those who are close to us, does it really mean we’re hurting them?

We may not be having any bad intentions anyway when we decide to do so. We may be just having some other plans. Things that some people won’t really bother knowing anyway.

But then again, when we really care about someone and consider them important, why wouldn’t we tell them everything? Why would we hide any truth from them?

The truth may not what they want to hear. But keeping it from them may cause nothing but the worst to the relationship.

And I have never felt more betrayed than this. By someone whom I thought would never hurt me this way.

2 thoughts on “Omissions Are Betrayal

  1. hmm.. you are right maybe, in thinking that there should be nothing that should stop us from being ‘transparent’ . But even if we arent , i think what makes people who are special to us , special , coz they know us. our insecurities . our inhibitions. our complexities. and trust us enough to not be judgemental about ‘situations’ & ‘our behaviour in a certain context’.
    i feel we have some one who can look beyond ‘this moment and my actions right now’ is a true treasure to find and keep for life..
    i feel ‘nothing’ is a betrayal.
    omissions or admissions or any other actions.
    if we betray some one in our thoughts . that’s the betrayal at its worst.
    does that make sense ?

  2. truth hurts, dear.. U know what? for some reasons, they don’t tell you the truth in order to protect u .. 🙂 think of the positive side to it ..

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