Garden of Eden in the Foja Mountains of Indonesia

Scientists have discovered an untouched land in the Foja Mountains, East Indonesia. This so-called “Lost World” was first discovered on 2005 and made an international sensation since the newly discovered species could be parts of the missing links in plants and animals taxonomies.

One of my lecturers in University, Mr. Jatna Supriyatna, Ph.D. is the vice president of Conservation International for Indonesia. He was also involved in that big project (and made himself even more hard to find in campus). But sadly, I can’t find him anywhere in these Yahoo! 60 minutes documentaries.

Hopefully no human will ever harm this Garden of Eden we own. And hopefully more Indonesians will get involved in this project, so that we could learn more, know more, and also appreciate our treasured land more.

Watching one of the videos made me realize, how little I actually know about my own country. The culture of the local people there is so strange and unfamiliar for us Indonesians who live in big cities like Jakarta. There’s still so much to do for us to really promote our country world wide, and I don’t think it’s the best decision to invite people to Indonesia when we don’t even know much about our home yet. But then again, I could be only talking too much.

6 thoughts on “Garden of Eden in the Foja Mountains of Indonesia

  1. jangankan yang dari kota jakarta non, kita yang dari kampung juga terheran2 dan kagum banget… 🙂

  2. lo salah nulis gelar + nama tuh book…
    yang benar adalah Dr. Jatna Suprijatna, M.Sc., Ph.D.
    iyaaa laaah… he’s probably one of the greatest scientist we’ll ever meet in Indonesia… sayangnya beliau terlalu sibuk untuk memikirkan mahasiswanya…
    ini kan topic seminar dy tahun 2006 kmrn…
    keren bgt deh di “lost world” somewhere in Papua ini, byk bangeeet spesies2 baru yg ditemukan…! sumpaah jangan sampe dijamah orang lain!!

  3. Unfortunately I have’t see the video. It is understood that there a lot of areas in this country which have beautiful scenery and cultures.

    Let us keep telling the others that we have to conserve the cultures and the environment, otherwise disaster will be coming.

    Nice to know your blog.

  4. Hi! I agree lha dengan postingmu
    Pekerjaanku dulu (duluuuu banget hehe) berhubungan dengan hutan, satwa liar, konservasi dsb, shg aku tahu persis bahwa negara kita sedemikian kaya tetapi juga sedemikian miskinnya untuk mengetahui bahwa ia kaya.
    That’s why kalo lagi browsing and surfing di internet, gw suka banget bila menemukan site2 unik yang memunculkan keindahan nusantara.
    So, speak loudly about our Indonesia!


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