The Pathetic Science in Indonesia

It is sad, how (natural) science in a developing country like Indonesia is still so underrated. It is also amazing, how people worship studies related to economics, politics, laws, medical, etc so much up until this second — but STILL, the economic, politic, law, and even medical condition in this country is far left behind compared to other countries.

As a country so rich with natural resources, agricultural products, it is unbelievable how a certain party still force Indonesia to become an industrial country. We import soybeans while we’re one of the greatest producer of soybeans, we import rice while we have extensive rice fields all over the country. And who owns the patent? OTHER COUNTRIES. While we own the largest source of them.

And do the governments ever considered how to increase these potentials we have? Does anybody ever thought of modernizing the agricultural technology nationwide? Farmers stay farmers: uneducated, poor, helpless. Corruptors stay corruptors: wealthy, rich, corrupt.

Scientists are never really appreciated here in Indonesia. They are never properly paid. So local scientists do their experiments abroad for the sake of decent income and sufficient facilitations. With OUR brilliant, smart, Indonesian brains, we discover new medicines, new innovations. But who gets the credit for inventing them? Not Indonesia nor Indonesians for sure.

And I wonder why I ever had the thought of being a scientist. Here, IN INDONESIA.

7 thoughts on “The Pathetic Science in Indonesia

  1. This is an issue I’ve actually been thinking about for two years, as the situation is the same in most Middle Eastern countries.

    I think the reason is two-fold: lack of government funding for basic research, AND lack of large corporations–most businesses are family-owned. Only large corporations are going to invest in research when they profit from that investment. Also, there is a lot of corruption, which may be one reason large corporations seldom exists–the graft would drive them out of business.

    So, even though people are studying science in the Middle East, and parents (particularly of the middle and upper classes WANT their children to study science), most of those students will go on to study abroad to become doctors, and not to become scientists, for whom there are few decent jobs in the Middle East. Most science graduates seem to be doing low-level jobs that had nothing to do with what they studied, unfortunately.

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

  2. yeah, it’s bad, but reality is far from good. Even though there are people like you who wish to contribute to their country, the salaries and the payments are just so low and discourages us to enter this field.

  3. that’s why i always say that maybe to actually have a brighter future, we must immigrate to a more developed country where our freakin’ brains are actually recognized..!!
    but on the other hand, it’s like trying to choose between your own future or your country’s future..
    it’s a hard choice cause it’s hard to not be egoistic.. hehe… 😀

  4. sarcastic and sinical post !!!
    but damned shit it’s true !!
    if only i’m not choosing this way
    if only right now i’m not trapped in this freakin’ science things
    maybe i will be happier and not become sinically people like i am now
    because seeing science from far view is more respectable for me than involving in it
    if only…..
    nane: immigrate to well developed country ?? OF COURSE !!! but to explore my scientist brain ?? i don’t think so…as soon as my graduate ceremony, i will throw away my memories about my f####ing campus !!!

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