Colin Farrell, Jakarta youngsters, and Arab men

What do Colin Farrell, Jakarta youngsters, and Arab men have in common?

No clue?

Well, the answer is their fashion sense. If you take a look around at “cool” places where Jakarta youngsters usually hang out these days, you’ll often find the Arabic cloth called “kafiyah” winded around their neck.

This is a picture of a friend gone clubbing wearing it (i brutally edited it for the sake of privacy :P), also a picture of how it’s normally worn by the Arab people (click for source):



At first what came up to my mind is, “Ah yeah, another temporary fashion trend.. how typical us Jakartans are. One wears it, EVERYBODY does too.” But then I saw E!News, and was surprised to see COLIN FARRELL wearing it too! (and actually lookin damn hot! haha).

It turns out Hollywood trends had infected not only female, but also male species all over the world. Oh well, if this has something to do with realizing World Peace, then I’m so supporting it! 😀

6 thoughts on “Colin Farrell, Jakarta youngsters, and Arab men

  1. hihi .. g wkt pg ngambil stock ke luar kemaren, mmg ngeliat byk youngsters yg make … at the thought of considering to get em sih .. but then after considering lagi ..
    mengingat msh banyak org lokal yg menganggap kain bermotif kotak-kotak sama dengan taplak meja .. ga jadi beli dh ..

  2. Is that brutally edited picture is your friend or actually yourself??? C’mon don’t be so modest, I know that you are one of fashion goers too 😛

    Anyway, congratulation for the evolution of your blog. So, I can make some silly comments with my native language :mrgreen:

  3. @bagsholic: loh, kalo pun taplak meja, kalo smua orang make jadi keren2 aja kan hehe

    @prasso: no really, that’s a pic of a dude actually haha..ngomong2, where r u originally from anyway??

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