my “Lombok” clarification

There is this guilty feeling crawling up in my heart when I realized that lately people get to my blog by typing “Lombok” as their search keyword. My blog about Lombok was written in Indonesian and contains no information whatsoever.

So here is my honest knowledge about Lombok:

Other than daydreaming about it 12/7 and using the other 12/7 actually dreaming about it, plus some obsessive googling done months ago, I know nothing about that amazing travel destination.

It is less developed than Bali, which means less crowded visitors and less entertainment (which is my friend’s argument to switch our holiday destination BACK to BALI!). Not that I hate Bali or anything (instead I am rather ecstatic even just thinking about it now), but I always love visiting places for the first time or doing the smallest things I have never done before. Maybe that’s why I’m so obsessed about visiting Lombok. Well, if I believe it’ll happen, then IT WILL. So anyone who’ve been there, stories are always welcomed here!

Since I can’t give much information (and actually STOLE the pictures posted on that blog), here’s some sites that may be useful for people interested in traveling to Lombok:

there. hopefully the guilt stops now.

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