Hello, (new) World!

I have finally made my decision. Instead of stranding this blog as I first planned, I am now converting the language writing to English.

No, my English is not good. But yes, I’m still growing and learning.

To my former blog readers, many thank yous from me.

5 thoughts on “Hello, (new) World!

  1. Yes, urh no?

    jadi ini yang katanya bikin catatan sendiri yang ga bisa dibaca orang lain ya. Congrats! May god bless you and your talented writing. I’ll be your biggest fan from now on.

    Uhhh.. yes? No?

  2. yes!! i’m starting to do that now (although not completely)…! huhu… although i admit there are some tendecies for me to all of the sudden convert languages… hahaha… but anyhow… i’d rather read english nowadays… no offense though, I still love bahasa Indonesia… ahahha… :p

  3. I just found your blog today, and enjoyed your thoughtful science post. I’m so glad you’ve decided topost in English!

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

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