the story of the brain


have you been using both sides of your brain?

left brain hemisphere is related to logical, literal, consistent, mathematical, rational, conscious, intellectual kinda stuff,
while the right hemisphere is more related to things like intuition, irrationalism, unconsciousness, metaphor, fantasy, artsy fartsy stuff, imagination, etc etc..

if you’re used to wearing your watch at your left wrist, you are more likely a “right-brained” person –notice it’s more common to be found on females– and vice versa.

if your left hand writing is quite nice (though you’re right-handed), that also indicates you have potentials to be a right-brained person.

same thing apply to that tiny test above..if you find it easy to mention the color instead of the words, then welcome to the “right” club!

(dang, so i guess i’m a right-brained person stranded in a mad scientific left-brained world!)

our Neurophysiology lecturer never forgets to remind us to start using both sides of our body parts..
start typing sms with your left fingers (if you’re right handed), try writing with your other hand, and start wearing your watch on the other wrist.

All that, to keep your mind balanced and (hopefully) sane.

good luck!

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