Everything I Know About Men I Learned From My Dog, by Clare Staples


I read this book a few months ago at Kinokuniya Singapore. I was running out of cash and was in the middle of a dilemma, between buying this book or “The Alchemist” (English version) AND “The Rules of Life“. I HAD to choose the latter..*sob*

But I’ll get it as soon as I have enough money (pasti di Jakarta harganya lebih mahal deh, hiks..)

So with all due respect to men out there, we -yes I’m talking to you lady- should always keep in mind that men will be men, just like dogs will be dogs. 5 stars for this awesome-deep-smart-witty book!

I know you’re dying to know, so here’s a sneak peak:


MAN: Handsome men are never a great bet. Often they have learned to rely on their looks and have not had to develop a personality or sense of humor — far more important qualities.

DOG: Don’t choose a dog for looks alone. Looks are only skin-deep — loyalty, devotion, and eagerness to please and unconditional love are the most wonderful things.


MAN: When you first meet your man, don’t change anything for him. Don’t give up your friends or hobbies. Never cancel anything to be with him.

DOG: When you first get a dog, chances are he will whine when you leave him alone, but he’ll get used to it and appreciate you more when you spend quality time with him.


MAN: When your man does something that you like — such as brings you a present — reward him. Give him a treat, spoil him.

DOG: All dogs love praise. Train a dog with positive rewards for positive behavior.

6 thoughts on “Everything I Know About Men I Learned From My Dog, by Clare Staples

  1. nama asli nya sopo seh? aq jg hobi hang out di kinokuniya singapur .. malah setiap ke sgp, aq beli lebih byk buku daripada sepatu ato baju pribadi.
    I’m sure it’s a greAt book (for chicks currently in relationships).. I’d realllly wanna get it (since I’m very much of a dog-person). BUT not very much in the mood to learn about “men” .. They S***

    Next time tuker2an info lageh about books ya..!

  2. so ur a dog person..that makes this book even more worth reading! keren bgt, forewordnya by Candace Bushnell-nya Sex & The city,,so kebayang kan betapa isinya oke bgt..

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