When people become pain in the asses…

“ignorance may be bliss, but it can never make us a better person”

I am incredibly irritated by a certain person’s behaviour, plus my back aches so bad, thanks to the stay-up-all-night-typing-my-thesis-on-the-bed-till-the-break-of-dawn lifestyle I’ve been practising these days. It’s really painful. Not only the back, but also the heart. It hurts to realize we’re being considered not significant, as if we don’t matter at all. It’s just unbelievable, how someone could abandon such important task, for something SO NOT IMPORTANT. And do they even care how much others have worked hard, think hard for it? MOST LIKELY NO. Cos ignorant people IGNORE others feelings. They don’t give a damn. Oh, you’re suffering? SO WHAT? I’M HAPPY, and I’ll do whatever I want without concerning are YOU happy or not.

But then I think to myself, have I ever treated someone the way I am being treated right now? The answer is YES. In fact, I was once such an ignorant person all I think about is my own feelings, my own happiness. I wouldn’t bother putting myself in trouble for other people. I’m happy without them, so they should be too.

So is this what they call KARMA? Am I reaping what I once sow?

Maybe. Maybe not.

First of all, what happened to me back then was a self-defense mechanism. I was under pressure, and I didn’t even fit in there. When people depress us and the environment no longer gives us comfort and happiness, are we supposed to hang out with them often and torture our sanity in the cult? I don’t think so. Besides, it was all about conflict of interest really.

But THIS. This is a condition where WE, not just “ME”, need to give all our heart and soul to it, OR ELSE WE’RE DOOMED. Or else we’ll just prolong an unnecessary life misery. It’s a teamwork. Not something that can be done without each other on our backs.

So here I am, wondering. If I used to be such an ignorant pain in the ass cos the environment wasn’t comfortable and even intimidating for me, does this mean I am now intimidating and making others feel uncomfortable?

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