The Alchemist: everyone’s inspiration!

There are good reasons why this book made a worldwide hit.. here’s some of the dialogues and quotes that struck me.. which ones are yours? 😉


“Well, why don’t you go to Mecca now?” asked the boy.

“Because it’s the thought of Mecca that keeps me alive. That’s what helps me face these days that are all the same, these mute crystals on the shelves, and lunch and dinner at the same horrible cafe. I’m afraid that if my dream is realized, I’ll have no reasons to go on living.”


Maktub,” the merchant said, finally.

“What does that mean?”

“You would have to have been born an Arab to understand,” he answered. “But in your language it would be something like ‘It is written.”


“I’m leaving today,” said the boy. “I have the money I need to buy my sheep. And you have the money you need to go to Mecca.”

The old man said nothing.

“Will you give me your blessing?” asked the boy.

“You have helped me.” The man continued to prepare his tea, saying nothing. Then he turned to the boy.

“I am proud of you,” he said. “You brought a new feeling into my crystal shop. But you know that I’m not going to Mecca. Just as you know that you’re not going to buy your sheep.”

“Who told you that?” asked the boy, startled.

Maktub,” said the old crystal merchant.

And he gave the boy his blessing.


“Never stop dreaming,” the old king had said. “Follow the omens.”


“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”


Sometimes, there’s just no way to hold back the river.


In the end, semua itu emang udah ada yang ngatur… tapi kita harus ngejar mimpi2 kita itu. Kayak gue sekarang…kenapa jugaa gue bukannya konsentrasi mengejar mimpi untuk lulus semester ini?!

(answer: Cos getting distracted is part of me working really really hard to achieve my goals :p)

7 thoughts on “The Alchemist: everyone’s inspiration!

  1. Paolo Coelho Rocks…

    Tapi gw baru baca The Fifth Mountain, Devil and Miss Prymm (gitu ya, nulisnya), ama The Witch of Portobello. Siap2 murtad deh kalau baca tulisan dia, hehehe.

    Gimanapun tulisannya emang inspiring.

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